Creative + People + Technology


Inster is a collective of production specialists that offers a new paradigm for the digital age

by integrating creativity, people, and technology. 


Inster has comprehensive human resources who are specialized in diverse industries

such as film, broadcast, and advertisements.

We will be your channels for precise information and communication for all contents production needs. 


Inster is ready for the next generation of new media contents production.
We have been constantly making investments on hardware, R&D, and human resource developments,

pioneering its way through new markets.

We offer customized services for each field of content industries.



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Inster's editing team is divided into three fields which is a drama and film editing team, a preview and highlights editing team, a CF and enterprise promotion.

Professional editors who have a broad understanding of each genre bring new vitality to an image.


On-Set Supervision

Field-experienced VFX Supervisors lead to responsibility throughout the production process and provide efficient solutions for the best visual effects.

Concept revisualization

Through intimate communication with the director, the film visualizes the intricate scenes of the film to grasp the directing intention of the director, reduce unnecessary processes, and improve the efficiency and quality of shooting and post-production.


Compositing CG & Effects

Inster’s team of experienced Flame and Nuke compositors to amaze our clients with their inventiveness and speed. Our digital compositors have access to shoot their own practical elements to add realism to the composition.



Inster has created a pipeline around a team of experienced CGI artists, which has allowed us to master every phase of 3D animation, including modeling, look development, shading, lighting, and animation for any given object, vehicle, crowd or character.

We can create anything the imagination envisions.


Matte paintings & digital F/X

Inster can create entirely new worlds with remarkable photo-realism and reproduce that physically impossible at the shooting site, using Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Matte Painting techniques.

Our specific pipeline gives us a leading edge in the field of matte painting.



Covering a large range of needs for your film, commercial and television productions, we explore and conceptualize any ideas you have.

With the use of much different software and close communication with the director,

we develop designs that will fit the mood you are aiming for and tell what you want to.


Color Granding

Inster Color designs various contents such as film, TV drama and improves the meaning of contents with an optimized pipeline based on advanced technology and research. Our pipeline is a creative and effective way More than anything stable and efficient.


Digital Mastering

Digital Color Grading
Image Mastering Service for All Platforms
On-set & Near-set DIT Services
QC Services (Image & Audio technical QC Service)
Digital Imaging Technology Consultation


Sound Design

Based on our expertise in surround sound technology, Inster works on a wide range of products to include DVD, Blu-Ray, IPTV, 5.1 / 6.1 / 7.1 Channel Mixing for HDTV, TV and feature animation, Commercials, VR, Game, and International Films. We produce original sound effects through careful analysis and creative communication with the latest in technology.


Sound Mastering

Combining state-of-the-art technology and unique perspective and creative partnerships, we bring out immersible and empathetic sound storytelling.


Inster is a leading content media group, developing a variety of content and providing state-of-the-art production pipeline. 
We evolve constantly in the rapidly changing media environment.

We’ grown as one of the best VFX studios in Asia over the decade.

Now we will move on the global content media group all over the world. 
Together with our top-notch creative people, who have abundant insight and unique imagination, we create valuable digital contents for a new world.